Albert Safaris offers an exciting range of safaris and Bosco, Your Hosttours in Uganda. We are one of the leading tour operators in Uganda and Rwanda. We have the ultimate range of different adventures to some of the most picturesque places and adventure places in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. We offer a great range of tours that include gorilla safaris, primates tours, game viewing tours, bird watching sight seeing and nature photography, mountain trekking tours and ecotours in the Alabertine Region,. We also place a strong emphasis on incorporating Wildlife into our tours, as we believe this is one of the things that makes Uganda so special!

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Our Safari Offers

We offer tours to unique, and fascinating attractions in uganda, Rwanda and Congo. From the rare mountain gorillas to birding in Uganda, we can organise a unique adventure that will suit your needs and interests. Experience the diverse and wonderful wildlife in Uganda with our packaged safari. Join us for the ultimate wildlife safari, gorilla tour or hiking adventures in Africa. Our personalize, small group wildlife tours put the WILD back into ‘wildlife’, creating the most authentic opportunity to view native animals and birds in Africa.

Uganda Safaris

Explore our Wildlife Safari Packages take you through the Main Safari destinations in Uganda including Various National Parks.

Rwanda Safaris

Our Rwanda Safaris mainly include Gorilla Safaris to Volcanoes National Park, Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe Forest and game viewing.

Uganda Gorilla Tours

We offer great travel choices for gorilla tracking to Bwindi forest in Uganda, Volcanoes NP in Rwanda and the Virunga NP in Congo.

We operate smaller group tours in order to provide our passengers with a more personalised, higher quality experience. We believe travelling in a group is better than a crowd, that’s why we don’t try and squeeze you on a large group tour.Join us for one of our guided, all inclusive outdoor adventures. Let us take you on gorilla trekking, game viewing hiking and backpacking, camping and fishing, wildlife viewing and 4×4 touring into the remote safari parks and stupendous mountains of the Albert Region.

We offer natural wildlife viewing tours and hiking adventures throughout Uganda and Beyond. Our tours can be taken all year round and acan be booked anytime of the year.

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Uganda Chimpanzee Tours

We offer different tours featuring chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest, Semuliki Forest, Budongo Forest and Kaniyo Pabidi in Uganda as well as Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda.

At Albert Safaris, we offer different tours featuring primates tours that include chimpanzee tracking and habituation in Kibale Forest, Semuliki Forest, Budongo Forest and Kaniyo Pabidi in Uganda as well as Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda.

Besides chimpanzees, on these primates trips you are assured tp see a number of other primates species including monkeys such as patas, red tail, L’hoest and blue monkeys, Olive baboons, Mangabeys, Pottos and galagoes among others.


Mountaineering Trips

For the ultimate trekking experience, we have great offers for you. From short treks to long Rwenzori Trekking trips, we have a package for you!.

Mountain Trekking in Uganda is one of the best adventure Holiday trips for trekkers in order reaching the top of Africa as well as exploring real natural mountains such as Rwenzoris, Elgon and Mgahinga Volcanoes. Trekking in Uganda is available from easy to strenuous level.

Mountain Trekking in Uganda is also a best holiday Adventure to enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery, rivers, villages, uphill and down hill through a typical Natural trekking trails. We organize different mountain trekking adventures in Uganda.


Birding Safaris

Spice up your experience even further with a Birding tour or extension to your wildlife/ Gorilla safari with family, friends or small group. We can tailor all to suit your needs.

There is no other area in Africa can match Uganda amazing diversity of habitat and this richness has made the country to boast a national bird list of over 1000 species of bids, among the these are many special birds such as shoe bill and numerous spectulars endemics of the Albert rift valley that are difficult to find else where such as short tailed warble, yellow eyed black fly catchers, strangle weavers, Rwenzori bats, mountain masked, purple breasted sun birds, strip breastedtit,Red throated althea.


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  • Though on this website, our tours start from Kampala Uganda, we can always pick you up from any point of stay such as Kasese, Fortportal, Entebbe etc
  • All our tours are guided by experienced safari guides that are not only locals but also knowledgeable about the places you visit, flora and fauna, nature and cultural history etc
  • Our safaris are available all year round and can be booked any time. You can also request for a tailormade if none of our trips meet your needs or request for modifications in any itinerary on our website!
  • Gorilla Safaris availability is subject to availability of gorilla permits.

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Uganda National Parks

Uganda is blessed with a number of destinations with lots of attractions that will catch will your eye even on the first sight! Among these also include 10 National Parks and more than 12 game reserves open for visits every day of the year round.

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