Uganda BirdsThere is no other area in Africa can match  Uganda amazing diversity of habitat and this richness has made the country to boast a national bird list  of over 1000 species of bids, among the these are many special birds such as shoe bill and numerous spectulars endemics of the Albert rift valley that are difficult to find else where such as short tailed warble, yellow eyed black fly catchers, strangle weavers, Rwenzori bats, mountain masked, purple breasted sun birds, strip breastedtit,Red throated althea.

Yellow throated long crawCommonly Sighted Bird Species

African paradise fry catchers
Gray caped warble
Great blue terrace
violent backed starling
little bee eaters
Cinnamon bee eater
Black bee eater
Yellow throated long craw

Pink Backed Pelican, UgandaWater Birds

Yellow billed egret
Goliath hellion
saddle billed stock

Whether your a keen birder of just a casual Rwenzori safaris tours helps you to discover what makes “Uganda “the richest bird destination in Africa.
At the end of your trip your memories will be  full of melodies songs of tropical’s and colorful birds of which you can initiatively use to call birds

Bird Watching Safaris


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